The Pulsar Digisight N550 – Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The Pulsar Digisight N550 is not normal for some other NV rifle sight available, as it depends on computerized innovation and infra red brightening to improve the picture rather than conventional NV Gen 1 or Gen 2 picture intensifier tubes.

The green picture ordinarily connected with NV gadgets is absent in computerized units as the N550 doesn’t utilize a green phosphor screen, the picture rather showing up on a sharp highly contrasting LCD screen. Green was usually thought as the best tone for the natural eye to see around evening time, so it would be intriguing to figure out how the N550 picture analyzed.

Scott Country initially saw the N550 in the “tissue” at the Tackle and Guns Trade show in Stoneleigh and we were adequately fortunate to be one of the first in the UK to put it through some serious hardship..


We had heard extraordinary  38 super ammo for sale about the N550, and we were eager to check whether it satisfied our hopes and couldn’t hold on to give it a shot. UK Distributors Thomas Jacks approached an exclusively assembled light free passage for the day, so we put the N550 through some serious hardship.

The dull passage comprised of a long shut down burrow with a scope of focuses to secure at the furthest finish of the reach, this was great for testing a Night vision gadget.

To get a correlation we attempted a Gen 1 + Riflescope to perceive how it performed, and involving the Built In IR I could undoubtedly make out the bunny formed targets and it proceeded true to form.

Enthusiastically we mounted the N550 to the plastic faker stock, and I raised the eye part of my eye and what I saw was a disclosure. The picture was sharp and characterized with a profundity of clearness that far surpassed my assumptions.

The most effective way to depict the picture is that it resembles a fresh clear CCTV camera picture, yet entirely clearly.

The N550’s underlying reticle can be pushed through different profiles, and I picked a customary cross hair, and working on arranging for shots against the hare targets. With the implicit IR turned on, the N550 could undoubtedly select focuses in the light free passage, giving practically sunlight quality pictures.


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