Project Management Knowledge Areas Defined in PMBOK

The project manager and the project team need to be conversant in the domain knowledge related to the project. That is a necessary condition for successful execution of a project. These can be in a million different areas. However, the techniques required to get a project planned and executed is common to them and require the project team to be knowledgeable in these areas.

These are formalized by the PMBOK into nine areas PMP certification . Some of these areas are directly relevant to the planning and execution of a project. Others are essential to support the main activities.

Project integration management, scope management, time management, cost management and quality management are the areas that are directly relevant. We shall see how as we go along. Communication management must be one of the most important supporting areas.

A major part of problems in the real world can be attributed to communication problems. Risk management and procurement management are a couple of vital knowledge areas relevant to any project. Since, the human element must function at its optimal, the knowledge about human resources is crucial to the knowledge mix.

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