Tips for Keeping an Online Domino Account Safe

An online domino account is a necessity that must exist when you want to play online domino gambling. We will tell you how to do it today. Every online domino site requires a special account and this account is very important in maintaining the comfort of players who play on online domino sites. If you use the wrong account, what exists is that your account will be lost or deceived by other players. Take care of your account when playing domino qiu qiu online deposit pulsa.

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Today’s article will help all of you you in getting benefits while playing safely. Because your account is the key in holding all the balances that you have worked so hard to get. It would be a pity not if you do not know how to maintain your online domino account properly and correctly.

1.Don’t Lend Accounts to Others

Lots of players are lazy to create their own account until they borrow someone else’s account. This is very dangerous. Especially if your account that you want to borrow has a very large balance. It’s a good idea if you invite these players to join and create their own accounts. In fact, you will get an additional bonus if you use the referral program from our online domino site. Than you lend an account with a very high risk.

Never once lend your account to someone else. Make sure you have the account in self control. Do not also provide information regarding your account to anyone.

2. Changing Player Account Passwords Regularly

Every account on an online domino gambling site is rarely changed its password. Players won’t know what happened to them until you suddenly can’t make a deposit at all. That’s why we strongly encourage you to change your password on online domino sites regularly. There is nothing wrong if you change your password. Because this process only takes 2 minutes.

We highly recommend you to follow these tips. Indeed changing the password looks difficult or also difficult to do. However, the process of changing the password starts from visiting your profile settings or rules. Then just hit the change password button now. Change your password to a new password. If necessary, you can use numbers, letter combinations, and symbols on the keyboard. With this, fraudsters or other people will be very difficult to get your account. Passwords can also be randomly generated using Google suggest then you can save your passwords via Google.

3. Contacting the 24-hour Customer Service

Our online domino site has an attractive offer, namely 24-hour customer service. The task of this 24-hour cs is to provide online domino players with the best service regarding all kinds of assistance. Starting from recovering a lost account, changing passwords, to making deposits on our online gambling site. Never miss this one feature because the 24-hour customer service feature can have a big impact on bettor accounts.

No more need to fear that your will is not safe. Our online domino sites will also continue to ensure that players can get the greatest security when playing on online domino gambling sites.

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