Make Your New Diet And Exercise Plan A Budget-Booster, Not A Budget-Buster!

Are you looking for ways to make your new diet and exercise plan a budget-booster, not a budget-buster? Don’t let the high cost of some ‘delivered to your door’ meal plans, weight loss membership programs, fitness classes, private gym memberships or fitness machines deter you from eating better and getting in shape.

The fact is, while it certainly is possible to spend mega-bucks on pre-packaged meals, personal trainers, weight loss spa-cations and more, it is also possible to eat well, get fit and stay that way, lose weight and keep it off, and be healthier and happier without spending a small fortune – or even a fraction of that.

Here are tips to get you started:

Eat Good Food At Home

Restaurant food (even at very good restaurants) tends to be packed with lots of sugar, salt and calories – and not much nutrition. You already know the worst offenders are the fast food places – not only do they burn through your budget and then some, they fill you up with food that is harmful to your health – and disaster to your diet. Instead, put yourself on a restaurant ration – say, once a month. Then, choose wisely. Make it an Sonus Complete occasion, worth every penny as well as every calorie!

Eat More Fresh Food

Fresh food – fruit and vegetables in season, preferably locally-grown, are your best nutrition deal. Eating organically-grown and raised food is best for your health, but in grocery stores organic also means the most expensive. Get good food and spend less by buying at the farmers’ market, or (if you can) from local farmers. I’ve found, in buying food this way, that they may not be certified organic (depending on where you live, gaining this certification can be difficult and expensive for the food growers), but their practices amount to the same thing, and their chicken, turkey, fruit and veg are as healthy, and fresher, than anything in the stores.

Share a Warehouse Store Membership

The big warehouse stores, such as Costco, often have the lowest prices on fruit and veg from abroad, such as tangerines, grapefruit, oranges and avocados, but you can only buy relatively large quantities. But if you share a membership with another family – and one or the other of you does the food shop – you save time as well as money by ‘grocery pooling.’

Exercise For Free

Gym memberships can be pricey – and you need to make the time to go. The alternative is to exercise at home – but you don’t need fancy and expensive steppers or treadmills to do it. One absolutely free alternative is a brisk walk around your neighbourhood, good for clearing the mind, getting a grip on stress, revving up your metabolism, and (if you get out daily) losing weight and keeping it off.

Can’t get out because of snow, rain, kids, or a phone call you’re expecting? Turn on the radio, or turn to one of the all music channels on TV, and dance. If you look silly, or something jiggles, or you suddenly feel the urge to jog in place, or maybe do some jumping jacks, no one’s going to notice or care. Ten minutes, three times a day, adds up to almost as much cardio as any adult needs to stay healthy. Remember to speed up with the faster songs, to get the very beneficial interval training (go hard for 30 seconds, then slow for 15, then hard again for 30 seconds for the entire time for best results).

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