Weight Loss Plateau? – Not With Acai! – 7 Check Points!

Losing weight can be trial some for some people. The reason they have problems is that they drop down to some level and stop. Their goal is to lose much more [excess fat] weight. They seem to stall out so to speak. The scale dos not move. The weight loss person panics. They think that is all they are going to lose. They have followed all the guide lines. They did not cheat. They did not overeat. They say to themselves -Why did I stop losing weight?

You’re losing weight at a regular phase and things are going well. Then all of a sudden you stop losing. You’ve probably just reached a weight loss plateau, almost every one has one. The scale doesn’t move. This situation might last for a week or longer and you don’t see your weight change. However you know you’re following your weight / exercise program. Are you doomed with that stalled weight forever?

No do not panic? Not at all. Normally, in the first few weeks of any diet plan, you will lose pounds more easily because you’re removing excess water as your body dissolves fat. When the extra water is gone, the weight loss will slow down somewhat. That is because you don’t have as much fat to lose. Hooray! Hooray! This is a sign of weight loss success. Consider this beginning phase of your weight loss completed.

Be patient for a week or two and you will find yourself losing again. If you have not lost more than a half pound in the next two weeks two weeks roughly then you need to reevaluate your plan.

– Are you really following your plan?
– Are you writing down everything you eat in your food diary?
– Are you adding up the calories daily?
– Are you getting some sort of meaningful exercise each day?
– Are you writing your exercises in an activity log?
– Are you checking all portion sizes?
– If you answered negatively to any of these questions, your plan needs a tune-up.

Talk with someone who has been there.
Know a successful weight loser? Chances are he or she reached a plateau, too, and overcame it. Compare Biofit notes, and you just might find a tactic that works for you, along with a healthy dose of inspiration.

Review your food diary and activity log.
Are you consistently forgetting to list some items? Is there something else at work maybe your feeling depressed or stressed? Dealing with those feelings can help you out of the plateau.

Remove yourself from your rut.
Try this for excellent exercise – swim in a local pool. Alternate your exercise intervals to your workout regular pace and a faster pace. Take your walk with a friend. Try a new fruit or vegetable next time you’re at the supermarket and experiment with new recipes.

Lower your calorie goal slightly
As long as do not go below the safe minimum of 1,200 daily calories. Try eating one less serving of a starchy carbohydrate food like white rice or potatoes. Or also reduce half-and-half in your coffee or extra butter on your bread.

Rev-up your physical activity
Start strength sessions to your fitness routine a couple of times a week. For many, this is easier than reducing calories. You will find a boost in your energy and mood. Try some lifestyle exercises, or add five to 10 minutes to your programmed exercise routine.

Get more out of your food diary.
Use your weight Journal to record your results and note how you’re feeling when you eat. Do you find yourself craving potato chips when you’ve got a big report due? Review what you’ve written
and you might see a pattern. Your review will be able to connect what’s going on in your mind and stomach.

One proven plateau-buster:
For one week, eat only foods for which you know the calorie content. Do not eat any restaurant or take-out food. Their calories are not predictable. Use measuring cups and spoons so you know exactly what you’re getting. Write down the numbers faithfully in your food diary. This is a pain to carry out but it works! [Do it for one week.]

Acai Berries will work for you. They are natural for the body. You will not need to count calories. You will need to exercise.

To your weight loss success, health and happiness,

John Schmidt – Weight Loss Nutritionist Coach

John Schmidt is regarded as a leading weight loss and nutritionist expert. John has written many informative books and articles on the subject of weight loss. John takes the subject deeper into the inner person. The emotions, fears and past histories need to be addressed for successful and permanent weight loss. The field of weight loss is becoming more important each year. The world is experiencing an epidemic with overweight and obese individuals on the rise. John recognizes the problem occurring from modern day processed foods.

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